MOMO Online Threat

Posted on: 5th Mar 2019

We have become aware of several concerns relating to an online threat called MOMO. I want to be clear that at this stage concern has been expressed to us, but we are not aware of any individual incident and no harm has come to any child within our School. In fact, there is simply no evidence that any harm has come to any child directly linked to MOMO, but we know that playground tales can be very frightening for a young child.

As a school the safety of our pupils is of paramount importance. Collectively we have a responsibility to ensure our whole school community is safe and free from harm. Often that can be difficult in the complex online world and we must strive to work together to ensure we achieve our aims.

MOMO is a sinister challenge that has been around for some time. It has recently resurfaced and once again has come to the national media's attention.

Our advice is simple. Please ensure that you do monitor your child's internet usage and engage with your child about the games and apps that they are using. To assist you in this the school has previously purchased a suite of training resources for our parents. You can access this at the following address:

Please ensure that you watch the videos and download the resources that are available to you, one of which is "7 Conversation Topics"; a handy guide that will enable you to ask pertinent questions of your child about their online activities.

Download the MOMO Online safety guide for parents.

We thank you in advance for your continued vigilance.

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