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Mrs K Mealing

Hello, I am Mrs Mealing and I have just joined the school as Personal Assistant to the Executive Headteacher (Mrs Chandler). I will be managing her diary and her admin and you can find me in the office next to hers.

I have worked in an educational setting for the last 14 years and live locally. In my spare time I love to keep fit and spend time with my family and friends.



Miss S Murphy

Hi, I’m Sam Murphy I have worked at Dedworth for 5 years, mainly doing the administration for the Special Educational Needs Department and Child Protection.

I live locally and have been acquainted with Dedworth for a number of years previously, as my son went through the school and I was Secretary for Friends of Dedworth.

In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit with Pilates, Yoga and walking my two dogs. I also enjoy sewing and crochet and meeting up with friends and family.



Mrs X Eckles

You can find me in the reception office and may have even spoken to me on the telephone or met me face to face. 

I have not been at Dedworth Middle School long but I can already feel a sense of community and family at this school.


When I'm not in the school office, I enjoy baking and crafting at home. I mostly enjoy baking breads and cakes and crafting almost anything from sewing clothes and printing personalised garments to creating cards and party decorations. 


Mrs T Cairns

I have worked for DMS for eight years and I work in the school office. I am a level three first aider so you will see me tending to injuries near Reception and looking after you all. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.



Mrs K Lindsay

I’m the attendance officer and pupil premium manager.  I also have a number of other supporting roles within the school and the pupils usually meet me when I visit their classrooms for the online reading tests.  You’ll find me in my office in the Tech block and sometimes I help out in the reception office.  Apart from speaking fluent German, I also support the German national football team and Tottenham Hotspur. In my free time I enjoy dancing modern jive and visiting beaches.



Mrs A Wade

Hello I'm Mrs Wade Science and Design Technology Technician. I'm usually found in the Design and Technology block preparing lessons or supporting students in those lessons. I also mentor students taking part in the Go4Set Science project. When I'm not at school I enjoy baking, cooking and sewing; my recent projects include making a shirt, prom dress, and skirt.



Mrs R Bhamra

I am cover supervisor at Dedworth Middle School. You will see me teaching you when your teacher is either absent or engaged in any meeting. I will also be working along with individual students, particularly, students in Year 7 when I don’t have any lessons to cover. It is difficult for me to think of my favourite or a strongest subject, as we know every subject is special and has a crucial role in an individual’s day-to-day life. My favourite book is Charlotte Bronte written by Jane Eyre, which I recently read after being lent it by one of our students during the book swap. I love watching rainbows in sky, although, seeing yellow gives me extra happiness every time! I enjoy talking and listening to children’s personal stories and their new experiences. Therefore, sometimes during lunch and break you may find in the playgrounds or in the nurture room.



Mr G Beattie

This year I am teaching English to Years 7 and 8 but prior to this I have taught English and maths across the school as well the primary curriculum in KS2. In fact I tend to turn up wherever a gap has unexpectedly appeared, though I do politely refuse requests to teach art and music. If you saw my drawing or heard my singing you would understand why.

Outside school, because I am part time at DMS, I am always busy with my other jobs, walking my dog with camera at the ready, trying to keep fit or enjoying family life. I love reading, history, music and following my beloved football team. If you can catch me outside lessons, I'm always up for a chat about any of them.


Mr M Hazell

I’m the Site Manager and you’ll often see me walking around school. I have a variety of jobs around across the Dedworth Campus, from maintenance to plumbing to Health & Safety monitoring to opening and locking the site to driving to minibus to managing the facilities on the site such as the Astro and Tennis Courts, oversee Berkshire Maestros use of the buildings and many, many, many more jobs.

When I’m not at work I enjoy watching the rugby, my favourite team is Wales. You might also see me early in the morning or late at night walking my dog, Lady.

I’m always happy to help!! :)

Mrs F Bovington

Fran Bovington - Finance Manager for Dedworth First and Middle Schools.  

I've worked at the First school for 7 years and a year ago I also took on the Finances for the Middle School. 

I am responsible for all financial matters including budgets,  payroll, supplier payments, school income, management accounts.

You will see me most days hurrying across the car park between schools carrying lots of files!

Hobbies include reading (hundreds of books) and cycling (not hundreds of miles!).


Mr J Manwaring

I’m Director of Music for Windsor Learning Partnership and currently work with 4 out of the 5 partnership schools. I teach Music from Key Stage 1 – 5 and I am based mainly at The Windsor Boys’ School. I have worked in Windsor as a musician and then teacher for the last 19 years. I love running extra-curricular groups for students and I enjoy putting on concerts and shows. When I am not in school I love to run and I have run in a number of Full & Half Marathons. I also run a choir for adults, write a Music Education blog and work with a number of other musical groups and publications. My passion is to see young people enjoying music, ensuring that opportunities are open to all. I will be teaching two classes of Year 7 at Dedworth this year.


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