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Mrs K Mealing

Hello, I am Mrs Mealing and I am Mrs Chandler’s Personal Assistant. I manage her diary and her admin, deal with recruitment, write the newsletter and organise Hot Chocolate Fridays, along with a whole host of other things! You can find me in the office next to hers.

I have worked in an educational setting for the last 15 years and live locally. In my spare time I love to keep fit and spend time with my family and friends.


Mrs X Eckles

Hello! I’m Mrs Eckles, the Admissions and Data Officer.

I am the point of contact for all Admissions into Dedworth Middle School.

I also manage the schools data systems and spend lots of time creating and updating spreadsheets to ensure that we are able to provide the most accurate school data.

If you have any Admission enquiries, feel free to contact me!



Miss H Boxall

I recently joined the office team at DMS, having moved to Windsor from a small Welsh town last summer. As the receptionist you’ll usually find me at the office, or you’ll get to speak to me over the phone. I’m someone who loves to stay active, be that running or more recently home workouts. I grew up in the Welsh valleys and therefore love to be outdoors, particularly the countryside. I like to go for long walks on the weekend with a coffee and a good podcast to help clear the cobwebs. I also have a passion for cooking/baking, I feel most at home in the kitchen surrounded by far too many cookbooks, my recent experiment has been bread baking and trying different recipes from all over the world. I’m lucky enough to have travelled, my favourite European country was Austria but would love to explore parts of Switzerland and Norway and venture across the pond to Canada.  I’m very much looking forward to getting to know you all over the next term and help in any way I can.  


Mr M Smallbone

I am the Cover Supervisor at Dedworth Middle.

My job is to make sure that there is always a teacher present in your child's lessons regardless of staff absences or meetings, and that all of these lessons are delivered to the absolute highest standard. I really enjoy my role as I am able to meet and teach every single student and I also get the pleasure of teaching each subject.

I also coach the year 7 and 8 boys rugby team on Wednesdays after school. This is great fun and is fantastic at developing camaraderie between the young gents at DMS.

Outside of school I enjoy playing music, tabletop games, and spending time with my loved ones. I am currently writing my own book which I hope to get published.

If you see me around school, please do say hello and introduce yourself.


Mrs A Wade

Hello I'm Mrs Wade Science and Design Technology Technician. I'm usually found in the Design and Technology block preparing lessons or supporting students in those lessons. I also mentor students taking part in the Go4Set Science project. When I'm not at school I enjoy baking, cooking and sewing.



Mr M Hazell

I’m the Site Manager and you’ll often see me walking around school. I have a variety of jobs around across the Dedworth Campus, from maintenance to plumbing to Health & Safety monitoring to opening and locking the site to driving to minibus to managing the facilities on the site such as the Astro and Tennis Courts, oversee Berkshire Maestros use of the buildings and many, many, many more jobs.

When I’m not at work I enjoy watching the rugby, my favourite team is Wales. You might also see me early in the morning or late at night walking my dog, Lady.

I’m always happy to help!! :)

Mrs F Bovington

Fran Bovington - Finance Manager for Dedworth First and Middle Schools.  

I've worked at the First school for 7 years and a year ago I also took on the Finances for the Middle School. 

I am responsible for all financial matters including budgets,  payroll, supplier payments, school income, management accounts.

You will see me most days hurrying across the car park between schools carrying lots of files!

Hobbies include reading (hundreds of books) and cycling (not hundreds of miles!).

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