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Welcome to our School

We would like to offer you and your children a warm and sincere welcome to Dedworth Middle School. Our aim is for every child to develop his or her potential to the full in a secure and happy environment. The programme of studies offered at Dedworth Middle School will present challenges and opportunities for all our children, in and outside the classroom. We want children to go home at the end of the day buzzing with ideas and further questions.
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@Dedworth_Middle - Apr 21
It was lovely to see our duck visitor hatching 14 healthy ducklings! We walked them to the river so they could swim off into the sunset!
@Dedworth_Middle - Apr 19
Lovely to see lots of smiles this morning. Welcome back to all our students and staff. 😊☀️
@Dedworth_Middle - Apr 1
Wishing everyone a lovely Easter break. See you on 19th April.
@Dedworth_Middle - Mar 29
Chick update - all have hatched and are enjoying life at the back of the year 5 classroom!
@Dedworth_Middle Retweeted
Windsor Upper Schools Music
- Mar 26
What a day ahead. Singing with & this morning. Followed by lessons with . Then pop to for some bits. Then a lovely zoom chatting about well-being...followed by the weekend! Happy Friday Everyone!
@Dedworth_Middle - Mar 24
Year 5 science lessons just got cuter!! Two chicks hatched last night and a couple more pecking their way out.
@Dedworth_Middle - Mar 19
Covid testing in school done ✅ Home tests distributed ✅ Well done to the super efficient testing team and the mature and sensible Year 7 and Year 8 pupils who took it in their stride. 😊Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to test at home on Sunday evening!
@Dedworth_Middle - Mar 11
THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our 'Gift a Book' project. We received well over 300 books to gift to our pupils and they were delighted. Thank you.
@Dedworth_Middle - Mar 11
Thanks to everyone who made the last two days of Covid LFD testing go so smoothly! Everyone turned up for their appointment on time and the process was calm and efficient. Lovely to have all the children back on campus now 😊
@Dedworth_Middle - Mar 8
It is International Women's Day today. At Dedworth Middle School we want to encourage every young woman to achieve their full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical and moral development.
@Dedworth_Middle - Mar 4
Live reading sessions for were very popular! Our Headteacher, Mrs Chandler, enjoyed reading 'The Demon Headmaster'!
@Dedworth_Middle - Mar 4
In KS3, children learnt who was responsible for making laws and the process in which bills become laws in the UK. They also examined an emergency law that was recently passed, the Coronavirus Act 2020, and analysed the impact this law is having on individuals.
@Dedworth_Middle - Mar 4
This week we took part in the Big Legal Lesson as part of Justice Week 2021. KS2 children looked at the different roles of parliament, government and the justice system, the importance of ‘rule of law’ and how they can participate in our democracy.
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Literacy Trust
- Mar 4
Turning on subtitles while children are watching TV can double their chances of becoming proficient readers. It's a quick, simple and free way to make TV time, reading time.
@Dedworth_Middle - Mar 3
We have lots of exciting things planned for tomorrow for pupils, including virtual author visits and live reading sessions where staff are reading, Jackanory style!
@Dedworth_Middle - Feb 26
We are looking forward to welcoming the children back into school w/c 8th March! A letter has been sent to parents via email.
@Dedworth_Middle - Feb 26
DMS parents: please ensure you have booked your parent meeting slot with your child's teacher.
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West Windsor Hub
- Feb 22
This week's yummy Snack Pack Bake is Banana Cake. Here's our resident chef, Nigel, to show you how - watch out for a guest appearance by Nathan. Bon apetit mes petits boulangers
@Dedworth_Middle - Feb 12
Today is Lunar New Year, the Year of the Ox. Have a lovely time if you are celebrating with your family today.
@Dedworth_Middle - Feb 12
All of our teaching staff enjoyed a very successful virtual 'Teach Meet' this week to share good practice and remote learning tips. Some wonderful ideas were shared and was lovely to see such passion and enthusiasm from our dedicated staff. ⭐️⭐️
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