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Design Technology

DMS Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Overview 


  • To prepare students for their next phase in their educational journey.
  • To enable students to develop life skills, such as problem solving, investigation, cooking and healthy living.  To develop independence and teamwork skills alongside creativity and innovation.
  • We cover a broad range of skills in a variety of projects across Food and Nutrition, Textiles, Graphics and Resistant Materials with a practical focus.  Each project covers different parts of the National Curriculum.  SMSC is covered through group work, environmental and social issues, creativity and recipes/projects based on religious and social events across the year.
  • With Design and Technology there are many curricular links including.
  • Science – structures, properties of materials and ingredients healthy lifestyles, mechanisms (forces).
  • Maths – Weighing, portion sizes, timing, measuring and converting units, angles.
  • English – Evaluation and research.
  • History – Key Designers.
  • Geography – World foods.
  • RE – Religious festivals/events.
  • Extra curricular activities include the design competition with the agricultural ‘ thing’ and food lessons for specific groups of students.  These includes trips, one to the farm and one to BCA for the competition.

There are STEM trips and events and trips to excite and



At Dedworth Middle School, we work closely with other schools in the Windsor Schools Learning Partnership to create a balanced curriculum that prepares pupils for their next stage of education and is planned to demonstrate progression. In both KS2 and KS3 pupils have 1 lesson per week held either a purpose built Food room or a fully functioning Workshop. A high percentage of learning is practical enabling students to gain key skills ready for their next phase. Each year, all years may be selected to participate in extra-curricular Design and competitions from different areas of the subject including Food, STEM and general design, they compete against other schools, and work local businesses in the area. Across all year groups, we offer Food and Nutrition, Textiles, Graphics and Product design. Work is assessed at the end of each project.

In KS2, projects are linked to Cornerstones topics are, such as custom designed t-shirts in ‘I.D.’, Ration recipes for ‘A Childs War’ and Space Buggies for ‘Space’.

Teaching and planning is monitored by the Head of Design and Technology and SLT to ensure the curriculum is being adhered to.



Pupil engagement in extra-curricular competitions which are carried out in their own time, demonstrate the enthusiasm for the subject. They can also be seen in lunch and break times where students use their own time to extend their knowledge and skills. By the end of their time at Dedworth Middle School students should be able make a variety of savoury and sweet dishes enabling them to cook at home for their family. Students should also have the skills to produce high quality, commercially viable products in a variety of materials, thus assisting them in the transition to the next stage of their educational journey in Design and Technology. Design and Technology is fundamental in teaching students valuable life skills