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Year 7 Team

Miss K Perchard

I will be teaching PE across the years as well as Year 7 PSHE and I’m a Year 7 tutor. You’ll find me either in the gym or netball courts at lunch and after school taking extra- curricular activities.  I love gymnastics and dance and normally am preparing children for the big gym and dance show at Windsor Boys School.  I enjoy most sports and in my spare time out of school, play netball in a league and fitness classes at the gym.  I look forward to starting a new academic year and seeing as many of you as possible at extra- curricular clubs. 


Mrs C Masters

Hello DMS! I'm Mrs Masters and I can usually be found in the Tech block. I teach Science to Y7 and Y8 and am very excited to have Y6 learning Science in the lab this year. I also teach Art to Y7 and am a Y7 tutor. Outside of school I really enjoy swimming outdoors (when it's warm enough!) and travelling with my sons.




Miss L Raz

My full name is Miss Rasarathnam, however I am known as Miss Raz as it is much easier to say. I am Head of Design and Technology, I also teach Art and have taught Maths here in the past. I am a Basketball coach and do lot of extra curricular basketball clubs across the whole year. You can often find me in the workshop, the kitchen or in the sports hall... or in the playground at break or lunch, especially when the sun is shining! When I am not at school I enjoy playing basketball, I really enjoy designing and making things weather it be from wood, fabric or food! I thoroughly look forward to teaching you some of those making skill


Mr K Bingham

I have been at Dedworth Middle School for 5years and am currently the head of Science, a role which I am immensely passionate about. Outside of school I have lots of hobbies and interests that include; football (Toon army!), Formula 1 (go Mclaren), running (not my favourite), gaming (might be my favourite), painting Warhammer models, mountain biking, golf, World War 2 history and reading (as a teacher you’d think I have to say this but it is true I promise).

I love coffee and biscuits, pastries, doughnuts etc and if you have done something exceptionally well I could be persuaded to share a hot chocolate and a biscuit with you as a reward (any dietary requirements must be supplied in advance). I am very proud to be a part of Dedworth Middle School it really is a fantastic place to work.


Mr M Lewis

I am the head of PE and will be teaching across all year groups, I am also a year 7 tutor. During lunchtime you will find me either on the field or in the sports-hall running clubs. I enjoy all sports but particularly like teaching football and athletics. I support Leicester City FC and my best memory is when Leicester won the Premiership in 2015/16. Outside of school I am either watching my local rugby team or transporting my daughters to their swimming and gymnastics lessons. I look forward to meeting you all and hope to see many of you at a club


Miss M Swift

I will be teaching PE to Key Stage 2 and 3 this year and PSHE to the Year 8’s; I am also a Year 7 tutor. During lunchtimes and afterschool you are most likely to find me in the gym or netball courts running extra-curricular activities. I enjoy participating in sports myself; outside of school I am the captain of a hockey team, I play for different netball teams and I horse ride. I look forward to starting a new year at DMS and seeing you all back in school.



Mr E O’Donnell

I am the Pastoral leader at Dedworth Middle School. I teach History and Geography to Year 7 and 8 pupils. I mainly teach my lessons in Jubilee 1. When I can I like to watch the school sports teams and referee Football matches.

At lunchtimes and breaktimes I can be found in the PLC or on the playgrounds. I am more than happy for you to come and find me if you have a problem or a worry.

When I’m not at school I enjoy playing golf, watching a wide range of sports and spending time with my family.

I’m looking forward to welcoming all pupils back to school and meeting all of the new Year 5 starters.


Mrs H Stratton

Hello / Bonjour Dedworth!

My name is Mrs Stratton (Madame, if I teach you) and I am Head of French at DMS.  I have taught modern languages for over 20 years across a range of secondary schools however I enjoy the buzz and energy generated by the youngest children who are just embarking on their language learning journey.  I am attached to the Year 8 pastoral team and will be working with some students to develop their reading skills.  I also serve as a Staff Governor.   

I am the proud owner of a son and daughter who are both at secondary school, and when I’m not teaching, I enjoy (endure) fitness classes at my local leisure centre, watching anything funny on TV, as well as long walks by the Thames.

I am looking forward to getting to know the new children who have joined DMS this year.

Bon courage


Mrs L Crowe

I am a teaching assistant in Year 7. This is my third year at Dedworth Middle. After school I like to spend time with my family, visiting galleries and exercising. Can’t wait to meet you all!






Miss Quinn

Hi I’m Miss Quinn and I am a teaching assistant working across year 6 and year 7. 

Outside of school, I like to walk my long dog in the Great Park, listening to music and reading. I’m always a friendly face, happy to chat if you see me around school.