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Remote Learning Statement

From the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, across Dedworth Middle School we have been working hard to support our students, parents and staff through these unprecedented times - whilst acknowledging that individuals will be living through their own very different experiences.  


Some aspects of our education system will be permanently changed by this pandemic, but to navigate the uncertainty generated by the challenges and ensure that learning is continued, irrespective of lockdown or self-isolation, we have produced a bespoke and personalised Remote Learning Plan. 


At DMS we offer remote learning opportunities whilst also acknowledging that some households have limited access to devices and therefore offer a mixture of live lessons, pre-recorded lessons, voice over Powerpoints and differentiated lessons that can be accessed from Foldr/website for ease (Home Learning page). We have been working hard to ensure that families are not struggling with technology both in terms of supplying/distributing devices as well as set up and trouble-shooting support along the way. We use a common technology framework and an agreed platform for sharing and collaboration - Microsoft 365,as Microsoft Teams was already well embedded in Windsor Learning Partnership schools, as well as continuing with Class Dojo which our pupils are very familiar with. We also strive to challenge every pupil, in every year group, so they can continue being inspired and motivated, as well as support our children with additional needs making work accessible and achievable to ensure success.


Dedworth Middle School’s Remote Learning Plan will be applied in the following instances:

  1. A pupil or a household member needs to isolate because someone in their household is symptomatic or tests positive;
  2. A whole bubble (class of pupils) is self-isolating because of a positive case of coronavirus;
  3. There is a national lockdown and schools are shut to the majority of pupils


Our plan complies with the expectations and principles in the DfE document Guidance for Full Opening of Schools.


Dedworth Middle School’s aim is to mitigate the effect of extended school closure on students’ learning and support parents to navigate the challenges of home education. We also strive to support teachers to share resources and collaborate remotely, helping to reduce individual workload and pressure.


To find out more about how we are delivering remote learning, please have a look at our Home Learning page. Parents and Carers will receive frequent updates when any guidance changes or when the government announces any significant developments.