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DMS Curriculum


At Dedworth Middle School we have recently established a new set of school values to allow us to create a culture where all pupils believe they can achieve.  Our new school values are:



We will be working alongside the staff team to ensure that these values are embedded throughout every aspect of the school and as we review our curriculum over the next academic year.

At Dedworth Middle School we are striving to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is fully inclusive ensuring that all of our pupils have the opportunity to achieve.  Our curriculum is ambitious and also accessible to all pupils irrespective of their need, ability, background, ethnicity or gender.  Through the wide range of the different subjects offered, our pupils are exposed to exciting and challenging experiences that not only help create happy and engaged lifelong learners, but also young people that are ready and inspired for the next stage in their education.


As a school we are further developing our subject curriculum overviews, long term and medium term plans to ensure that all pupils experience a continuous pathway of education throughout the four years they are part of our school.  As a staff team, we work alongside colleagues at the other Middle Schools, First Schools and Upper schools to make sure the journey we are providing is consistent, that it compliments prior and future learning and enables successful transitions.

Alongside fulfilling the national curriculum requirements, Dedworth Middle School provides a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, educational visits and residential activities to further enrich the pupils educational experience. Together with extensive pastoral provision we provide a vast number of opportunities to fulfil our pupils’ spiritual, social, moral and cultural development.  These activities also help develop independence and resilience creating confident, inspired pupils.


Throughout Key Stage two and three, all lessons are sequenced and planned to ensure that pupil’s prior knowledge is taken into account; learning is revisited to guarantee content is secure; new content in embedded alongside key skills and scaffold is in place to support all types of learner.


Key Stage 2 Provision

Year 5 and 6 are taught mainly within a primary model and taught by the primary specialist teachers within their year group. However, our pupils in KS2 will receive specialised teaching for some foundations subject such as Physical Education, Science Computing, Music and Design Technology over the course of the two years.  Year 5 and 6 are taught as mixed ability classes apart from in Maths where there is some ability setting. We are also able to provide an extra teacher for Maths to enable smaller teaching groups.  


Key Stage 3 Provision

Year 7 and 8 are taught as part of a secondary model with specialist teachers in every subject. They are taught within mixed ability classes apart from Maths where there is some ability setting.  We are also able to provide an extra teacher for Maths to enable smaller teaching groups. Within Design Technology, lessons in KS3 pupils are taught on a rotation to include design technology and food technology. The pupils in each class are split for this lesson and taught in groups ranging from 12-15 pupils.


The impact of the curriculum is measured in a variety of different ways. Dedworth Middle School has high aspirations for all pupils and believes every pupil should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Academic targets are set at the beginning of each year for all pupils and monitored closely by individual teachers and seniors leaders.  Pupils and parents receive regular feedback through marking, verbal feedback in class, reports and parent consultations.


Pupils’ personal achievements are also closely tracked, monitored and celebrated by the pastoral team, ensuring that our pupils are not only equipped with the knowledge for life beyond Dedworth Middle School but also ensuring they are well rounded caring individuals ready to flourish and succeed.


For additional information on our curriculum please contact the school office: 

01753 860561