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Every pupil will be belong to a Microsoft Team (Class/ Channel) for each of their classes and their tutor group.


The PowerPoint and resources used within the live lesson will be uploaded to Foldr for the pupils to complete their work. For KS3 English this will all be loaded to their class MS team for the pupils to access and complete their work.


Pupils can complete work in an exercise book, on paper or using any Microsoft application.  All work can be submitted via Class Dojo and KS3 English work can be uploaded via the assignment ‘turn in’ page.


Please find a list below of the different lessons and the provision available:

Live lessons available on TeamsLive lessons available on Teams when specialist equipment is not neededLessons not live – lessons continued to be uploaded on Foldr / Teams folders


























We would like to stress that there is no expectation that pupils must log onto live streamed lessons if at home isolating and that it is still acceptable for pupils to use the lesson content provided on Foldr or Teams Folders if they prefer.


We would also like to highlight that lessons will not be the same as being in class as the teachers will managing a class, as well as broadcasting to those at home.  Pupils at home will also not be able to gain access to the class immediately and must allow a short period of time for classes to arrive and be registered in the lesson before the teacher starts the live stream.  There may also be periods of time when the teacher in school may need to mute the live stream if the discussion is not relevant or necessary. 


The teachers will be sharing their screen so that pupils at home can access the same content as the pupils in school and any resources that are needed will be preloaded onto the Teams folders in advance. Teachers will advise individually how they would like work completed at home submitted, some subjects will prefer via Teams or Class Dojo whilst other may be able to give live feedback within the lesson. 


We feel it’s also important to point out that we have a huge reliance on technology to ensure this provision runs smoothly, we ask that all pupils and parents remain patient if there are delays or problems with the live lessons.


Safeguarding requirements - To ensure that we minimise any associated safeguarding risks, SLT and other staff members may drop into any live streamed hybrid via Teams or in person in school. Where possible live lessons will be recorded, and instructions and expectations will be set out at the beginning of all lessons.   All pupils will be expected to join lessons with their cameras off and microphones muted. They will be invited to un-mute by the teacher for a check in at different points of the lesson.