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It is widely recognised that homework makes an important contribution to pupils’ progress. At Dedworth Middle School we feel that work completed at home is an essential part of school life. Homework should help consolidate work taught in class and further extend and challenge to ensure that teaching time is used to maximum effect.


Homework also gradually prepares pupils for the more independent demands of study as they mature. Equally, we believe it is important that all pupils have time in their day to ‘play’ and spend time participating in extra-curricular activities. For this reason, our homework gradually increases from Year 5 to Year 8.


Please find an outline of the homework that is set for each year group below. If your child doesn’t have access to Teams yet, these login details and passwords will be distributed very soon. 


Every child at Dedworth Middle School has a school planner where they can record what homework they should be completing each week in more detail. Children are expected to have their planner with them in every lesson so that they can keep track of what is expected of them for each subject. Their planner is also the place that they can write down any log in details for websites they need to access in order to complete homework tasks.


We appreciate your support in ensuring all children complete their homework on time. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact your child’s form tutor. If they are unable to answer your question, then it will be passed onto the most suitable member of staff who will be able to help you instead.


We set homework for the following reasons:

It encourages pupils to develop the skills, confidence, and self-motivation needed to study effectively on their own.

It consolidates and reinforces knowledge and skills being developed at school.

It extends school learning (for example, through additional reading).

It maintains the involvement of parents in the management of pupils’ learning.

It helps pupils to develop their time-management and organisational skills.