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SEN Provision

Every child at Dedworth Middle School is valued and given equality of opportunity in all areas of school life.

Dedworth Middle school has a strong and effective SEN team supporting additional and special needs at the school. We follow the SEN code of practice underpinned by our SEND policy. Dedworth Middle schools local offer is a means of providing information to parents and carers seeking information for pupils with additional and or special educational needs.


Our policy is based on early recognition of these concerns, followed by monitoring and assessment of your child's areas of need. When a pupil is not making progress and shows signs of difficulty in acquiring literacy and numeracy, presents persistent emotional and behavioural difficulties, has sensory or physical problems or has communication or interaction difficulties, the school will provide support in a range of ways. These may include reviewing classroom organisation and management, in-class support by teacher/learning support assistant, withdrawal for individual/small group work, behaviour modification programmes, use of specialist equipment or alternative teaching strategies and programmes.


Pupil concerns are initially addressed by a school-based provision. A further stage may include advice, guidance, assessment and direct involvement of other out-of-school specialist such as teachers for those with hearing impairment, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and educational psychologists.

As parents, you are fully involved at every stage of meeting your child's Special Educational Needs. Parents are invited to discuss concerns at Parents' Evenings. In addition, the Inclusion Coordinator is available at certain times during the week to discuss concerns.


The  Rainbow Centre

The Rainbow Centre, a purpose built resource base, here at the Dedworth Campus opened their doors in September 2021 and are incredibly proud to have a shared space for Dedworth Middle School and Dedworth Green First School, to ensure that children with autism can be fully included in all aspects of school life.

Visit The Rainbow Centres page for more information.

SEND Local Offer

What is the Local Offer?

Our Local Offer is a way of providing information about all the services available for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in the local area. It will enable families to see more clearly which services are available in their area and how to access them.


More importantly, it will provide a way for families and young people to engage more easily with services that can benefit them. We also look forward to working together with families to develop and shape future provision.

Every local authority is responsible for writing a Local Offer that will include provision from birth to 25 across education, health and social care and is being developed with children and young people, parents and carers and local services, including schools, colleges, health, social care agencies and the voluntary sector.