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Pupil Equipment

Personal Property and Equipment

Name Labels: Parents must ensure that all clothing and personal property is clearly marked with a name tape or indelible ink to reduce the amount of lost property.

Ruck Sack: Any rucksack of a sensible size or an optional Dedworth Middle School ruck sack is available from     

Stationery: Please use the table below as a checklist.  Each pupil should have the following basic equipment:


Essential Equipment


Cartridge or roller ball pen with blue ink (felt tip pens are unsuitable).

Calculator (scientific for KS3)

Pencil, sharpener and eraser



Reading book

Dry wipe pen

Water bottle

Set of coloured pencils

Glue stick



All children are encouraged to drink water regularly throughout the day. Research has shown that children can become very quickly dehydrated which results in a loss of concentration, irritability and a slump in mood.