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Unlocking potential to achieve

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Vision and Values

School Rules and Core Values


Unlocking potential to achieve

Our priority is to ensure Dedworth Middle School continues to aim to become an outstanding school where every child can achieve their full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical and moral development. Our focus is all about enabling children to learn and make progress experiencing the highest quality teaching and learning within a happy and safe environment. Happiness at school will lead to good progress and this is paramount to my vision. We are on an amazing journey here which I feel privileged to lead and I am delighted you are coming to visit me and my wonderful team in a school I feel so passionate about.


Our core values spell ACHIEVE; a verb we whole heartedly believe in. Every child must feel that they can achieve in school and at Dedworth Middle, all our pupils have lots of opportunities to achieve. Our values therefore are:


Our Values



At DMS we believe in educating the whole child and are proud to offer a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum for all children, including a fantastic array of extra curricular activities as well as promoting caring pastoral support.


Expectations, Achievement and Behaviour at Dedworth Middle School

We recognise that all behaviour is a form of communication, that positive behaviour should be rewarded and behaviour that impacts the learning of a student or others needs to be dealt with in a consistent manner that benefits all.

We would like to see pupils adhere to our three rules.


Let’s live, breathe and role model these values in every aspect of our teaching and our working lives.